Taking Responsibility for Your Own Beliefs and Behaviors

  In my younger years, I was taught to believe religion (the version of it my church presented) was the only way the human race could be “saved.”   Being saved involved everything one needed to believe and do be successful in this life and avoid eternal punishment in the next.  I tried that strict, often…

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Book Summary

Wilson is available for Radio Interviews, Workshops and Speeches on any topic found in “To Heaven Through Hell”. Her e-mail address is suewilson@choosinghealthybeliefs.com If you’d like to purchase a copy of her book in paper or electronic format, you may use this link: http://choosinghealthybeliefs.com/to-heaven-through-hell/purchase/

Paths to God

  Energy, Knowledge, Nature and Creativity…. Four Major paths that connect us to God Many of us have realized that when we’re expending energy, lost in learning, immersed in a beautiful nature experience, or totally absorbed in a creative project, we seem to be totally suspended from the physical world.   Time passes but we…

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