Paths to God


Energy, Knowledge, Nature and Creativity….
Four Major paths that connect us to God

Many of us have realized that when we’re expending energy, lost in learning, immersed in a beautiful nature experience, or totally absorbed in a creative project, we seem to be totally suspended from the physical world.   Time passes but we don’t notice it.   We are unaware of our problems during that time, and even physical pain is transcended.   We are in the intangible realm some of us call The Zone, others Eternity, and still others God, to name a few.  When we spend reasonable amounts of time in these four activities, we find ourselves happier, more peaceful, more productive, and more loving.

How does this relate to what we are taught in most religions about connecting with God?   Most teach that we can only be connected to Him through their “Saviors”, and stay connected by following the confusing rules of their complicated and contradictory “Holy Books”.   There is much value in what religions teach about God and life, but none have a monopoly on connecting with God and staying connected.   The proof is in the eating of the pudding….to quote Christianity, “the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, and peace”  all three of which are by-products of losing ourselves naturally and whole-heartedly in expending energy, learning, enjoying nature and expressing our creativity.



Sue Wilson • May 11, 2016

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