Taking Responsibility for Your Own Beliefs and Behaviors


“The world needs open hearts and open minds,
and it is not through rigid sysems, whether old or new,
that these can be derived.” Bertrand Russell

In my younger years, I was taught to believe religion (the version of it my church presented) was the only way the human race could be “saved.”   Being saved involved everything one needed to believe and do be successful in this life and avoid eternal punishment in the next.  I tried that strict, often conflicted life-style for way too many years!   Disillusioned, I finally left the church in search of better answers.   And though it took a while, I found the keys to the happy, peaceful, productive life I so desperately wanted.

I found them not in any one discipline, like religion, but in the best ideas from all disciplines….world religions and cultures, science, psychology, philosophy and so on.  I’ve shared these principles in my book, “TO HEAVEN THROUGH HELL, A Book About Challenging and Changing Destructive Religious Beliefs” and on my website, www.choosinghealthybeliefs.com.  In addition, I’ll be writing a series of posts on the three important phases anyone trapped in unhealthy beliefs and behaviors must go through to be free to control their own lives.  They are:

  • Recognizing We’re Trapped
  • Breaking Free
  • Staying Free

You are the only person who can determine that your beliefs and behaviors are lacking.   Changing your life for the better can be a frightening and lonely undertaking but my book, website, these posts, and the Facebook support group “Choosing Healthy Beliefs” can be a tremendous help.   Changing doesn’t mean starting from scratch.  It simply means taking responsibility for your own beliefs and behaviors, keeping those which create the life you long for, and replacing the ones that aren’t working with better ones.   I’ll leave you with a wonderful song on the importance of taking responsibility for our own lives and where the power to do so comes from.  The song is based on the ancient religion of the Cherokee Indians.


Sue Wilson • September 22, 2017

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